Sunday, December 11, 2011

What keeps me from being a Christmas tree nazi

We got our Christmas tree yesterday!!!

I'm pretty sure that Eric and I both would have preferred a tree with white twinkle lights with classic ornaments in subtle, coordinating hues, evenly distributed over the entire tree with an elegant, crystal star sitting on top.

But Evie chose the decorations:
traditional candy canes
blue, purple, silver and gold plastic ornaments
retro-esque multicolored twinkle lights
matching retro-esque icicle tinsle - multicolored, of course
a plastic star topper that lights up and changes color.

The girls decorated the entire rockstar Christmas tree by themselves while Eric and I sat by the fire drinking eggnog and enjoyed watching Evie teach her little sister how to hang ornaments for the first time. You can probably guess this by the 1 sq. ft. spot on the tree that Kaylie claimed as her own and hung 1/3 of the decorations.

For a moment, I contemplated moving things around once the girls went to bed...


These kids get a little older every year.
One year the tree won't look like little kids decorated it anymore.
And then someday Eric and I will buy a tree and we'll realize that we're the only ones here to decorate it...
And what a sad day that will be.

There are many things I'm looking forward to as the girls grow up, and many things I dread.

I never thought that a grown-up Christmas tree would be one of the things I'd dread.