Monday, January 9, 2012

Do I care more about being right... or being righteous?

Confessions of a Genevieve:
I am an angry, unforgiving, prideful b*%@#.

Last I checked, those things are not fruit of the Spirit...

I can talk a fairly good "grace game" but when it comes to my inner thoughts, I can be pretty snarky. 

Someone took something that was mine. 

I KNOW for a fact it's mine (notice my pride in not allowing for the possibility that I might be wrong?)

Honestly, I barely miss the thing and it would be so easy to replace.
It's the principle of the thing!

But that's not the point. 

Even if I got it back, I'd still be mad because of my perception of how I've been badly treated (I've done a really good job at ignoring my arrogance in this situation).

My reaction is revealing the true state of my heart.
I'm not responsible for what they've done.
But I am very responsible for how I react to it. 
And that part isn't going so well.

Jesus totally addressed stuff like this when he said things like, 

"If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also." And a bunch of other stuff along those lines.

In Christ, I am complete. 
If I fully receive that as my identity, I am free:
Free to let my stuff go because in Christ I have everything I need.
Free to allow others to "use" me because everything I am is only because of God.
Free to sacrifice past the point of discomfort because Christ sacrificed everything for me.

Free to love even my worst enemy because I was once an enemy of God and He has forgiven me through Christ.

I want these freedoms that God offers me freely! 
But I'm limited on how fully I experience these things when I hang on so tightly to my stuff, my rights, and being right.

Do I care more about being right
or being righteous?