Monday, January 16, 2012

"Mark Driscoll is a ____."

...and a lot of other colorful language was used in the 30+ comments I read on fb about Driscoll's recent interview here.

This blog post isn't really about Mark Driscoll or what he may or may not be.

Here's the thing: 
I don't really like the guy. 
I even hid him on fb because his posts irked me so much.

But the guy's my brother in Christ.
And God loves him. 

I think Jesus meant all that stuff when he said things like, 
"Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you".

Since Driscoll is neither my enemy nor persecuting me, it's probably supposed to be even easier to love this guy. 

Anyone who's ever been to a wedding knows what love is according to God's Word:
"Love is patient and kind
love does not envy or boast
it is not arrogant or rude. 
It does not insist on its own way
it is not irritable or resentful
it does not rejoice at wrongdoing
but rejoices with the truth
Love bears all things, 
believes all things, 
hopes all things, 
endures all things." 
1 Corinthians 13:4-7

When God came down to earth and died for me, which is the epitome of love, he asked me to step it up and 
forgive the unforgivable
love the unlovable & 
accept the unacceptable 
BECAUSE that's exactly what He did in accepting, loving and forgiving me just the way I am, in all of my messiness.

God wants me to let God worry about Mark Driscoll and the speck of sawdust in his eye while I worry about myself and the big ol' log sticking out of my own eyeball. 

I don't have this LOVE thing down, by far.

I don't follow Mark Driscoll on twitter because of it.

But I can trust that God will use Mark Driscoll and his ministry to reach people that no one else is reaching.

"To reach people no one else is reaching we must do things no one else is doing." -Craig Groeschel

...Certainly, no one else is doing things quite like Mark Driscoll... according to Mark Driscoll anyway...

A way to begin loving the way that Jesus commanded me to love is by praying for him and his ministry, and by praying that God would give me more love for the people that He loves. 

That's all I've got. 

I don't have any answers... just my own ugly sinful pride to show you. 

One more thing:

No matter what I think of the guy and his posture or peripheral beliefs, He sure can preach the Gospel. Take a look: