Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Husband Is Not The Man I Thought He'd Be

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October 21st 2006

Our wedding anniversary is this Sunday and it's got me thinking...

Most little girls start planning their wedding at age three.

To prince charming, of course.
Complete with those weird epaulette shoulder pad things like Cinderella's prince.

As we grow up, the criteria for a future husband changes (slightly).... and the list gets a whole lot longer. 

My list included things like:

  • Kisses me in the rain
  • Writes me love letters
  • Holds open doors for me
  • Is spontaneous
  • Buys me roses
  • Wants to spend every moment with me

...But none of these things does a good husband make...

Thankfully, God knew how ridiculous I was.

  I got a job as a Starbucks barista. It was there I met a supervisor they called Eric... actually, they called him "el capitan de las vacas," but that's another story...

I believe I would have sabotaged myself out of the wonderful marriage I now enjoy if I hadn't worked alongside Eric and gotten to know his character before judging whether or not he was "my type" based on my list of superficial criteria. 

  • As it turns out, my Prince Charming does NOT like being rained on. So no kissing in the rain here.
  • He doesn't lay on the damp grass and gaze lovingly into my eyes.
  • And he would probably rather fill his free time with computer games than watch chick flicks with me.
  • ...And he doesn't pick up his socks...

But my Prince Charming has virtues far more important than liking the same music I like or surprising me with jewelry (although I wouldn't turn down nice tennis bracelet). 

Some of them include:
  • He's kind and gentle, strong and assertive.
  • He's humble and confident.
  • He's selfless with healthy boundaries.
  • He's forgiving and patient.
  • He's honest and transparent with me.
  • He's an intentional father and protects his family.
  • He works hard to provide for us and is appreciative and supportive of my role.
  • He refuses to fall out of love with me and works with me to build a stronger marriage.

There are dozens of ways Eric demonstrates these virtues every day that I can't possibly list them all.

Photo by All That Jazz Photography - 2009
So my husband ended up being a completely different person than I thought he'd be - and I'm so much happier than I ever imagined possible!

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

Photo by Wickliffe Photography - October 2012