Monday, April 15, 2013

What's This Whole Marriage Thing About Anyway?

Don't want to be?
How are you preparing for your future role?
What actions are you taking to change your marital situation?
Do you understand what marriage was designed for?
Do you know what you'll be getting yourself into???

I am a relationship consultant. 
I LOVE love. 
I love romance! 
I am deeply passionate about marriage.

Eric has made me happier in our marriage than I ever imagined possible and I can't help but desire the same felicity in matrimony for everyone! I sincerely hope that my children are as happy in their future marriages as I am in mine.

But we did not arrive at this state of marital bliss on our own.
Apart from God's grace and revealing His truths about His design for marriage, we probably wouldn't be together... and if we were we would probably make each other miserable... intentionally.


Because we're both sinners! 
We were born that way!
In creating the marriage covenant, God has given two imperfect, sinful people the impossible task of  living together under the same roof in harmony for His glory. 

So while I'm incredibly excited about the possibility of helping marriage-minded singles find love, I'm even more excited to demonstrate how marriage is a beautiful illustration of the Gospel.

Jesus is the loving Husband Who knowingly fell in love with and married a prostitute to redeem not just her reputation, but everything about her. To clean the stains from her. He stays faithful to her, even when she betrays Him over and over, giving her heart to other men and other idols, lying, stealing, even murdering. Then, in a perfect act of love and loyalty, He gave the ultimate sacrifice, took her deserved punishment onto Himself and laid down His life for His bride. But against all odds, love overcame and He came back for her. Not in a creepy zombie way, but by defeating death forever so that He and His bride could be together forever.

Is that the most beautiful 
love story off all time, or what?

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