Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Skipping Worship

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Not ten minutes ago, my husband pointed out something about me.

It's probably one of the most important observations he's ever made about me, and I sort of can't believe I've never noticed it myself:

"Your worship experience seems to be through writing. You're the closest to God that I've seen you in a while."

While I've always enjoyed writing, I've only recently started writing regularly and consistently, on this blog, for other websites, and working on my manuscript.

Since I started writing like this, my husband has noticed me living a life more centered on Christ. 

He doesn't think that's a coincidence. 
And now that he's pointed it out, neither do I.

The emotional and physical benefits of expressive writing have been proven, so I shouldn't be surprised that I'm getting so much from it... but to be closer to God through it? What an incredible realization my husband has made!

During one of my recent relationship consultations, the single woman said that she wants a man who worships similarly to how she worships. 

At one of my Singles Workshops, another single gal said that she wants a husband who has an incredible prayer life. 

I informed both ladies that my husband and I don't experience prayer the same, and that our worship preferences are almost opposite. 

Following Christ differently doesn't  mean that one of us is following Him any less than the other. 
And we have to make allowances for our differences, letting each other be the person who God has created them to be.

Our current expression of how we "do Church" in America seems to expect everyone to fit their worship style into a box of standing in pews, lifting our hands, and having a heart-felt sing-along. 
If that's how you experience God, then more power to ya! 
In fact, music is how God first got to my heart!

But if you're finding your Sunday morning worship lacking, then maybe, like me, you're meant to experience God another way. 

So from now on, I'll skip the 'worship' music and head to my laptop for my meaningful worship experience and communion with God.

Thanks, honey!!