Thursday, July 18, 2013

When Oprah calls, I'll let you know

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When The Lord started stirring my husband's heart toward feeding starving children, he blogged about it. Twice.

When The Lord made it clear to him what to do, he blogged again.

By faith, he told the world about his plan.

At the risk of failing, Eric put himself out there and announced his intentions and goal. 

And then he did it.

And it was beautiful.

A few years ago I started a manuscript that I thought was a pretty good idea, even if my writing was lacking.
But I asked God to not allow us to rake in the dough until He'd worked on our hearts to the point that we would give it away.

ALL of it.

Apparently, our hearts hadn't arrived at that place yet, because I almost immediately became afflicted with writer's block, stopped writing, and then stopped caring about my story.

By God's grace, I'm there now.

Just the other night, Eric pointed out that writing IS my worship experience (you can read about it HERE).

And then I got an email. 
It was an invitation by Jon Acuff for an "adventure."
I said yes, and now I'm part of an incredible phenomenon called The START Experiment - a group of 2,500 people spurring each other on to reach our goals and "punch fear in the face."

So I'm going to write.

"I never exactly made a book. It was rather like taking dictation. I was given things to say." -C.S. Lewis

Here's what I'm picturing:

By God's grace, I will finish this non-fiction manuscript. 
"Like taking dictation," it will flow out of me.
During this START experiment, I will self publish an ebook.

Then I'll finish the fiction manuscript.
Then I'll revisit the other manuscript I started years ago.

The books, of course, will all be wildly successful and all of them made into movies, starring Gerard Butler, of course, which will also be wildly successful... Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself here... 

My consulting business will take off and I will travel the world for speaking engagements, workshops, and book signings.
I will write books on singleness, dating, and marriage.
Those books will also make millions.
Oprah will invite me to tea... except I'm a coffee gal.

But here's the thing...
I will have signed all the royalties away. 
Because, like my husband, I want to feed starving children, too.
Before I even know what kind of money to expect, I am promising it all to God.

I'm putting myself out there, risking total embarrassment if this doesn't happen for me. 

But's this is SO not about me.

For His Namesake, I don't think he will let me fail in this endeavor.
Even if doesn't look the way I'm picturing, I believe that God will give me the energy, the wisdom, the words, and the perseverance to be successful, and that He will bless this humble offering.

And when Oprah calls, I'll let you know.


Genevieve C. West