Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dear Overwhelmed New Mama

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I don't care how many kids you have, being the mom of a newborn is tough!

If the kids are old enough to help, then you've forgotten everything about babies and it's like being a first time parent all over again.

And if there are younger kids in the mix, it's like trying to nurse and at the same time herd cats that can talk back and throw tantrums at the worst possible moment.

Dear new mama,
Try to have grace for yourself.
You are not a SuperMom and you don't have to be.

Don't compare yourself with the Pinterest moms who only let you see the put-together moments.
That's not the woman your husband married.
That's not the Mom your kids love.
That's not the woman God created you to be.
Christ was perfect so that you don't have to be. 

I promise that you will get the swing of things.
For me, it came slower than expected, but it did happen, and it will for you, too.
The house won't always be this messy.
The bank account won't always be overdrawn.
You won't always smell like rotten milk and spit up.
You won't always be sleep deprived.

...And you won't always have this little cuddly immobile slug who wants nothing more than to be snuggled by you.

The bad stuff will pass, mama.
...But so will the good.

Buy some paper plates, re-learn how to budget, find a new definition of "clean". 
Even if you don't "sleep when the baby sleeps" at least enjoy the bonding time and let those dishes sit a while.

Things will get better, mama.

My hope for you is that when you look back at this crazy season of midnight feedings, sore nipples, and explosive blowout diapers, you won't think of the chaos, but instead you'll remember the quiet moments of your baby looking into your eyes while feeding.

You'll get through this, mama.

And some day you'll even wish to have it back. 
Weird thought now, huh?

Won't you share your new mama story with us in the comments below?

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