Friday, November 4, 2011

you sound like you're thinking

What I like to imagine is in the style of the fictitious Dr. Lightman, I can read my husband's face, body language and even his breathing better than anyone. I've said more than once, "you sound like you're thinking," when he's completely silent in a pitch black room. Then he laughs and tells me what he was thinking about.

Because Mr. West is one of the most important people in my life, because I care are about his happiness as much as my own, and because God created me to be a suitable helper for him, if he's upset, I'm upset. I may not know the reason behind his mood change, but it changes my mood, too. Then neither of us are having any fun!

I don't have any profound wisdom about marriage to offer.
I just know that men and women are different.
Equal in Christ, but very different.

Men and women are different.
And ideally, both the husband and the wife should try to understand and adjust in light of these differences.

Wives, the only thing I've figured out so far is that I need to ask Eric if he's upset with me. If he says "no," I have to believe him, even if he still acts upset. (The mistake I frequently make is I ask him over and over again, "are you sure it isn't me?"... until that makes him mad and then he is uset with me! lol)

Husbands, maybe your wife is different from me, but I only know what I need. Men, try not to withdraw. She might even need gentle verbal reassurance that whatever it is that's bothering you isn't her fault. (And if it is her fault, maybe try to kindly educate her about how whatever happened affected you.)

In creating marriage, God has asked two selfish, prideful sinners to live together under one roof in peace and harmony to glorify Him. We can't do this apart from His grace.
Eric West, I am blessed and proud to be your wife!

Understanding Men & Women: How They See Things Differently