Tuesday, November 8, 2011

long lost love... & my husband knows.

Some truths about me:
I am created in God's image.
I am saved by grace, through faith.
I am blessed to be Eric West's wife.
I am blessed to be Evie & Kaylie's mom.

I have dreams that go beyond being a housewife & homeschool mom.
I have a long lost passion that I'm beginning to recover.

I can't remember who asked me first, but I was probably in elementary school when the question was first posed, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Even then I was fearful of other's reactions if I had answered truthfully, "a writer."
I needed a career choice that wouldn't get attention from nay-sayers. 
I know! "A teacher." That did it. Teachers & family alike were all about that. All I had to do was go to college and get hired.

But what happened when the "go to college" plan was interrupted by life?

Fastforward a decade...

I love my life! I have an adoring husband, two beautiful little girls, a cozy home, a comfortable lifestyle.

But then something happened.

That wonderful husband of mine read a book by Jon Acuff called Quitter. He started rediscovering and taking baby steps toward his dreams.

Then he inspired me to do the same.

I'm a housewife & stay-at-home homeschool mom.  
I'm too busy with the day-to-day things of real life to pursue my passion of writing.

But what will happen when my excuses run out?

Will I wait until the kids move out to rekindle my long lost love of writing?

Will I wait until Eric is retired to reignite that passion I once had for writing?

There will NEVER be a perfect time.

There will never be enough time.

And I don't want to look back and regret the years I spent making excuses to not do the things I love. 

I want to look back and know that I was following my dreams, my passions, one baby step at a time.

Your Ideas Don't Suck

Along with inspiring my husband, Jon Acuff has also inspired me, and apparently two African-American Grandmothers 30,000 feet above Dallas:
Kill your excuses before they kill you.

That book, Quitter? Here's the trailer. You should totally watch it:

And here's where you can buy it: