Friday, August 17, 2012

Science, Miracles, And Mommy Snuggles

I am phenomenally thankful for scientific advancement and modern medicine in pregnancy and childbirth. 

Modern medicine said I needed to have a Cesarean with Evie.
Having modern medicine available gave me comfort when having a V-BAC with Kaylie.

Not to mention countless stories of modern medicine being used to save the lives of babies and mommies.

I've been holding my breath this entire pregnancy, gripped with anxiety and fear for a good chunk of it.
But thanks to modern medicine, once I hit 20 weeks, I knew that this baby would have a chance to live if something went wrong, and every week brings a little more hope for me.

Photo by All That Jazz Photography - Yep, that's my belly!

But I don't put my faith in science. 
Because science is always evolving.
Science is not always right.

Sometimes modern medicine declares a situation hopeless and won't even bother to intervene:

Like a baby with no amniotic fluid from 13 weeks not only survived, but miraculously thrived: Miracle Joey: The boy wo refused to die

Like, at 21 weeks, the youngest baby ever to be born and survive who's mother had to lie to doctors so that they would help save her life: The Tiniest Survivor: How The 'Miracle' Baby Born Two Weeks Before The Legal Abortion Limit Clung To Life Against All Odds

Like a 24 week baby who isn't expected to live... until mommy snuggles do what modern medicine wasn't even going to attempt: Mother's Skin-To-Skin Goodbye Saves 20oz Baby

Like the 26 week stillborn in Argentina who had ice on her body when her parents found her crying: Parents Find Stillborn Baby Alive In Hospital Morgue.  

Like a 27 week stillborn who mystified doctors when he came alive after two hours of mommy "kangaroo care" cuddles: Mom's Hug Revives Baby That Was Pronounced Dead.

Modern medicine misdiagnoses 400 miscarriages every year
That number won't include the countless women out of the 500,000 pregnancies that end in miscarriage every year who believe their doctor and use mifepristone and misoprostol because it's understandably just too emotionally painful to wait for a miscarriage to complete naturally. 
Here's a story I thought was particularly touching: What My Misdiagnosed Miscarriage Taught Me About Living.

While I am incredibly thankful that God gave us these crazy awesome brains that have the ability to figure out all this science stuff, my trust is ultimately in the Lord and His plans for each baby - even mine.

Science can offer hope - up to a point.
But God offers miracles and unlimited, eternal hope. 
Christ died to save us and defeated death forever.

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Photo by All That Jazz Photography