Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wait On The Lord For Your Spouse... I call bullshit.

"God has a spouse picked out just for you. You just haven't met them yet."
I call bullshit.

"Careful who you choose for a spouse, lest you ruin God's will for your life."
I call bullshit. 

"Oh, you met someone? Have you prayed until you got a 'yes'?"
I call bullshit.

"Just be patient."
I call bullshit.

"Stop looking for a spouse and then God will bring them to you."
I call bullshit.

What a narcissistic view of marriage.

Confessions of a Genevieve:
Before we were married, Eric and I prayed for God's will. We even prayed that He would intervene if it was not His will for us to marry.

We never got a "yes."
We just never got a "no."
So, we got married! 

Was it God's will for us to marry? 
How can I say that so confidently?
Because it happened.
God already knew that we would marry. 

When God created the world, He already knew that David and Bathsheba would have an affair.
God was the One Who created life in Bathsheba's womb from that affair.
He knew that David would commit murder in his attempt to hide the affair.
What a freakin' mess!!

But God also knew something that they didn't - No matter how much they screwed things up, they could not ruin his eternal plan.

So from this seemingly out of control, sinful, ugly situation... 
...came Christ.

We don't have to be afraid of making the "wrong decision" because God already knows we're going to make that choice. 
And through Christ's blood, He already has plans to redeem it and to glorify Himself through it.

What are you afraid of?
You have to risk big to win big, so put yourself out there!

Stop "guarding your heart" so fiercely (which, by the way, you need to read in context), and be open to who God might have already put right in front of you, but you passed them by for some superficial reason.

Does God have a spouse picked out just for you?
He knows exactly who you're going to marry. 
I also believe that you would find fulfillment, and even happiness, married to almost anyone, when you do the right things, by God's grace.

Should you be careful who you marry?
But not for fear of thwarting God's will. 
That's impossible.

Go through Norman Wright's "101 Questions To Ask Before You Get Engaged" and if you don't hate each other by the end of it, then schedule some pre-engagement counseling and go get yourselves hitched!

Be patient? 
Patience is fruit of the Spirit, but that doesn't mean you have to be a wallflower until your spouse-to-be trips over you! 
Go out there and get 'em!

Stop looking?
Get out your binoculars! 
Don't look at everyone you see as potential "matrimony meat", but keep a very open mind. Don't pass someone by just because they don't fit into what you pictured. My husband doesn't look anything like what I thought my husband would be, and chances are yours won't either.