Friday, October 12, 2012

I Got To Hear Her Cry

Ellie, 4 days old

You wouldn't think I'd need a reminder, but I did.

In my post "Someone Is Missing", I told how, after losing our baby six months earlier, I was sound asleep and I heard a baby cry so clearly that my eyes popped open.

I took a pregnancy test first thing in the morning and it was positive.

Ellie, 4 days old

Although I felt from the beginning that this was God's promise to me that I would hear this baby cry, I doubted constantly.

I needed no help remembering to say, "God willing," when talking about having the baby.

What I needed more of was hope.

And the reminder that God had given me a promise when I audibly heard that baby cry that night.

And God keeps His promises.

Ellie, one week old - Photo by Wickliffe Photography

Just after 3am Saturday, the contractions woke me up and were 5 minutes apart, 60 seconds long.

We quickly realized this was happening faster than expected!

We arrived at the hospital just before 7am.

Eleanor Anne was born at 
8:20am Saturday, September 29th, 2012
21&1/2 inches, 7&1/2lbs, and lots of hair!

7 day old Ellie with Dad & Mom - Photo by Wickliffe Photography

Tonight while we listened to our 12 day old baby Ellie making little sleepy noises, Eric reminded me that God kept His promise: 

I got to hear her cry.

Ellie with big sisters Evie, 11 (left) & Kaylie, almost 3