Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Queen Genevieve and the Empty Coffee Cup

Bozeman, Montana 2011 photo by Deeapaulitan
Once upon a time...

There lived a happy little family who was on the road to achieving Financial Peace. There was King Eric, Queen Genevieve, Princess Evie (9), and Princess Kaylie (1).

One day, King Eric heard God speak. Queen Genevieve, as well as trusted royal advisers, confirmed what God had said. 

The one room cabin on 20 acres in Paradise Valley
As you know, when God speaks, you listen and obey. 

So, six days before Christmas, without a job lined up, and without knowing a soul, the happy little family packed up whatever they could fit into their car, and moved into a one room cabin on 20 acres of land in Emigrant, Montana. 

It was a simple time of being together, playing board games, reading their Bible, and playing in the snow. A trip into town to get the mail and go to the general store was the highlight of the week! 

During all the excitement of moving to a new land, King Eric and Queen Genevieve fell away from the carefully thought-out budget, and were too relaxed about keeping track of their spending, however frugal.

So one night, over a shared cup of joe at a coffee shop in the next town over, King Eric and Queen Genevieve finally sat down to have a long overdue budget meeting.

Much to their dismay, the King and Queen discovered that, once everything outstanding went through, their bank account would be completely empty... 

And the gas tank in the royal car was nearly empty.
And Princess Kaylie's diaper box was just about empty.
And the royal cupboards in the little cabin were almost empty.

It was in this moment that Queen Genevieve looked down and realized that the coffee cup was also empty. 
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This realization broke Queen Genevieve, and she cried out to God to change her heart from trusting in money... trusting in Him. 

The King and Queen had already written out a check for an offering to God, but they had not given it away yet. But the royal couple knew that God could be trusted. So they gave the money away, as planned.

Figuring out how to feed a family of four with whatever bits of food already existed in the cupboards was difficult for this domestically-challenged Queen! And the whole royal family quickly grew tired of lentils, pancakes, and potatoes. 

Little did Queen Genevieve know, this metamorphosis of her heart trusting in God instead of in money would be more painful than child birth. When the pain became unbearable, the Queen would crawl into the bed in their one room cabin, sobbing, and crying out to God.

One day, as King Eric prayed over the tired meal of lentils, he said to God, "If we had nothing to feed our children, we would still praise you on the first day without food, on the second day, on the third day, and every day after that."

When King Eric spoke those words, Queen Genevieve knew it was true, that she trusted God to provide.

And they lived happily ever after...

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