Friday, July 15, 2011

#10 the floodgates of heaven thrown open

The Moores offer to let us use their air mattress and we happily take them up on it after sleeping on the floor for a week!

The doorbell rings at 9pm. It's Mr. James Paul with a dining room table for us!

I get a text from friends in Billings. They were coming to Bozeman to drop off a tv, a toddler bed and all sorts of toys for Kaylie and linens for us!

I walk into the apartment one day and there's a happy surprise waiting for me: A couch and a papason chair are sitting in the living room! Eric had passed someone cleaning out their garage and asked if they were getting rid of it and they even helped him lift it up over the edge of the balcony!

Chairs, bar stools, even a propane BBQ and we paid little or nothing.

We were quite content with a beautiful, clean home and nothing to sit on. But the Lord blessed us abundantly. While He loves giving us the desires of our hearts, I also know that nothing we posess belongs to us. It all belongs to God, even our home. I believe He wants us to use our home for ministry and practice being hospitible to friends and neighbors. Truthfully, I was a little hesitant to invite people over and have to say, "BYOC if you don't want to sit on the floor!" lol


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