Friday, July 15, 2011

#9 who needs furniture?

A couple weeks before we were to leave Billings, friends of ours were kind enough to let us stay a night at their home in Bozeman so we could view as many affordable apartments as possible before Eric had to be back at work.

We saw some pretty interesting places. 1980's everything pink including the carpets. Shag carpets. 1960's kitchens. A bathroom with nowhere to put a lightbulb. I don't want to know what that stain came from. Do they expect people to shower in this thing? Floors that had so much give I was expecting to see Eric fall through the floor at any moment. There was one place where I refused to let Kaylie out of my arms because I didn't want her touching anything.

And then Eric showed me the apartment just 3 blocks away from the Paul family, who had been such blessings to us and good friends since we moved to Montana.

I walked in the door and laughed.

Everything was white and clean and new, a fireplace, a bar, a balcony, 3 big bedrooms, including a master bedroom with its own bathroom and walk-in closet. A beautiful view of the mountains, a 2 car garage, one block away from a park.

I didn't think we could possibly afford it and I was a little upset for being teased with such a beautiful place.

Three days before we packed up and left Billings, we still hadn't heard back from any of the properties we decided would be liveable and couldn't get ahold of any of the cheap places. Eric called the beautiful not-so-cheap place and we were in!

Moving day came, we packed up the few belongings we had, drove to Bozeman, went straight to the rental office, signed the papers, wrote the check and were handed the keys! We were HOME.

We had no beds, no furniture, 4 dishes, a few pots and pans, no table, no chairs, but we felt like royalty with the place the Lord had provided for us.

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