Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#11 Hardwood Floors, Terrible Neighbors, & God

Confessions of a Genevieve:
I hate blogging.
It's like a journal that everyone can read.
I've always hated journaling, too.
I kept a diary once when I was 12. But most of the stuff in there was made up anyway. Apparently, my life was even boring to me.

The only reason I started this blog was because it's what God wanted me to do. I wasn't too concerned with regularly updating because I figured it had served it's purpose: I had been obedient in telling what the Lord had done for us.

... But He hasn't stopped doing for us. I've just stopped telling about it.

I've also been reluctant to post a continuation of our story because I wanted my heart to be in the right place first:

We had terrible neighbors. No matter what time of day or night we would walk across our own carpeted apartment floor in stocking feet, they would scary bang on the ceiling. Apparently, having kids in a 2nd floor apartment with partiers living below isn't such a great idea. So a dented front door and police report later...

Eric was out for a walk in the neighborhood when this woman came running down the street after him and asked if he was looking for a place to rent because she was moving out and her landlord was awesome.

When Eric showed me the townhouse I laughed. Hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, fireplace, 3 bedrooms with a master bath, attached garage, even a little deck and a grassy area! I just had a feeling that the Lord was going to give it to us. However, we had just dropped $1500 on getting our car fixed so we didn't have a security deposit. We would have to wait until the deposit from the apartment was refunded. And the landlord agreed!
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