Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sex & The Bearded Lady

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Dear single men,

Which would you prefer in a wife: 
A flawless face or an insatiable appetite for sex?

It has recently come to my attention that the biggest turn off for you guys is facial hair on a woman. According to the Oxygen Media Dating Poll, 68% of you said that facial hair on a woman is a deal-breaker!

Pfft, Amateurs. 
I'm here to tell you why you want a woman with a little face fuzz.

One of the many possible causes for a woman to have facial hair is a slightly higher level of testosterone

Why do you think you men are so horny? 
Are you seeing the correlation here?

Women who have more testosterone in their bodies want sex more and, according to Wikipedia, enjoy sex more!
...which means we'll want it again!

And if they're anything like me, it'll just get worse in their second trimester of pregnancy. My poor husband! He thought he'd have a heart attack if my hormones didn't level out!

More than 40 million women the US are bugged by how much hair we have on our faces. That's a LOT of women to discount because of something that has an easy cosmetic fix.

Did you know that many female models shave their faces?
Apparently, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor both shaved their faces, and it's coming back as a Hollywood trend.

So are you going to satisfy your superficial judgments and only go for women who's eyebrows are the only hair on their faces? (By the way, they probably get everything from the neck up waxed or plucked so you're none the wiser)?

Or will you choose a woman based on your similarities in values and for her integrity and character, regardless or whether or not she shaves, waxes, plucks, tweezes, or goes al naturale?

Charm is deceptive and beauty does not last. Proverbs 31:30 

Chances are that as your hairless hottie gets older, has babies, and hits menopause, she's going to sprout a whisker or two eventually anyway. At least you could be having a lot of sex in the meantime.

* The presence of facial hair could be caused by any number of issues and does not necessarily mean that you'll be getting sex every night if your wife has whiskers. Just don't write her off because of hair.